Lulu's Kids' Cuts


I did Laurel a major disservice when I tried to cut her bangs for the first time. Despite cutting tips from a professional stylist pal, my efforts rendered a look disturbingly similar to Ralph Wiggam from The Simpsons.

So I gave up on bangs and moved to hairclips. This strategy worked well for the front, but the back – after a recent botched attempt – was looking pretty sorry. Following a strong recommendation from my mama pal Kate, we headed to Lulu's Kids' Cuts last weekend.

Truth be told, when I called to make the appointment I nearly backed out based on the price ($25; cash or check only), but it was worth it. Laurel got a great haircut, and the atmosphere was relaxed and pretty (it’s sort of like a hair salon meets gallery, with artwork, jewelry, and accessories for sale) yet kid friendly, with fun patterned smocks, a playroom downstairs, and ring pops at the end of the journey.

Lulu's Kids' Cuts, 2323 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Tel: 617-876-2323