Triple Paste


After a very long week, the household finally seems to be turning a corner.

I’m on the mend, we’re taking control of the dust bunnies, and Laurel’s nasty diaper rash is heading to the exit. On the latter, in addition to our air out method, Triple Paste – recommended when we finally called the pediatrician – ended up working very effectively. (Unfortunately, it turned out we had misdiagnosed the yeast rash, thus rendering the antifungal treatment useless.)

Triple Paste is a fragrance-free, over-the-counter compound that includes petrolatum, zinc oxide, lanolin, beeswax, and cornstarch. This thick paste applies smoothly, stays put, and is excellent for severe diaper rash (although it's also gentle enough for preventative use or treatment of mild rashes). We picked ours up at CVS but if you have trouble finding it locally, Triple Paste also is available on Amazon; the smallest size is 2 oz. ($8).

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