Careful Carriers


As I’ve written earlier, when relocating with kids – and all of their associated gear – it’s time to hire professional movers. For our recent move we used Careful Carriers. This small operation was the least expensive of several companies I called, and they were top notch. Personally, the moving team was considerate, polite and friendly; professionally, they were punctual, efficient, and freakishly strong (I can barely heft one crate of books, much less 3 crates on my back). The team also was incredibly sweet towards our babe, who was – understandably – slightly freaked about the sight of these dudes walking out of the house with all of our stuff. Laurel especially warmed to the mover who helped her dad put the crib together in the new house.

Careful Carriers offers local and long distance residential/commercial moves. Tel: 781-641-0376.

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