Your Fabulous You


Ah, how I took the Nursing Weight Loss Plan for granted. I was one of the lucky ones whose pregnancy weight fell off quickly, thanks to the voracious infant who nursed her way through the entire 2004 World Series, and otherwise was happiest being walked around and around the block in a sling.

Then a few months post-nursing, many baked goods, and three major clothing crises later I discovered that I had gained 15 pounds. My fabulous husband, who insisted he didn’t even notice the weight gain (perhaps it’s the myopia) suggested that there was one thing I should do and two things I could do. The “should” was to buy myself a pile of clothes that actually fit and made me feel good. The “could’s” were to join him in trying to cut down on the daily desserts, and/or find a fitness outlet.
I ended up doing all of these things. Old Navy was a fabulous resource to get some work and casual pieces for cheap, I resisted eating dessert every single day, and then I looked into fitness options.

I decided to suck up the money and join the beautiful Healthworks Fitness Center for Women and I can’t say enough good things about them. The staff is friendly, the spa element (whirlpool, eucalyptus steam rooms, and massage services onsite) is fabulous, and the classes and equipment are great. They also offer a babysitting service to help mamas get to the gym (additional pay per use charge applies) and offer pre/post natal yoga and muscle conditioning classes.

Healthworks has locations at Back Bay, Brookline, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, and Salem. If you are a working mama, check whether your employer is in their list of affiliates to get a few bucks knocked off your membership.