From Worst to Best


Possibly ranking #1 on the Worst Things Ever list is the experimental dentist. I had an out-of-country dentist not long enough ago who, I later discovered, performed a number of experimental procedures on me, including a freakish bridge procedure apparently not implemented in the United States as well as an experimental cavity filling procedure (also typically not used in the US). When I developed the hiccups during one visit he instructed me to hold my breath and then – without asking – jammed his fingers in my ears and wouldn’t let go until he finished counting to 10. I never knew that ears could feel so violated. At least he was wearing gloves.

Not surprising then was my aversion to finding a new dentist when I relocated back to Boston several years ago. Luckily, one of my mama pals turned me onto The Best Dentist Ever, Dr. Russell Forman. Dr. Forman is knowledgeable and friendly; he explains procedures before they happen, honestly prioritizes urgent and back burner dental work, and employs his small practice with kind, skilled hygienists and reception staff. Dr. Forman is so hands on with his practice that it’s even not unusual to find him booking an appointment at the reception desk himself.

Plus, did I mention that he keeps his fingers out of my ears?

Dr. Russell Forman, 875 Mass Ave, Ste 63, Cambridge. Tel: 617-868-5500