Super Sneaker Prices


The other day, Auntie Sha-Sha left her sneakers at our house; this was a major event for Laurel. She wanted to know all about why the shoes were there, what we could put in them, and how fast Sharon could run when she was in them (answer: pretty fast). Ultimately, she wanted a pair just like them.

Laurel’s been in need of more weather appropriate footwear (she’s still been roaming around in her fall kicks) so we decided to check out the New Balance Factory Store this past weekend.

This store is definitely worth a visit. The infant/toddler section is smaller than the kid, women, and men sections (there were about 8 different infant/toddler shoe styles to choose from), but Laurel loved the sneakers she picked out and they apparently fit great (I have never seen her jump around in a store like that before…). They also were a mere $14.99.

New Balance Factory Store, 40 Life Street, Allston, Tel: 877-623-7867

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