A-List Announcement


There typically is a village ready to welcome a baby into the world, and now you can acknowledge all the players with the clever, playful movie poster baby announcements from 5starbaby. Created by graphic designer and father of three Peter Malamas, these A-list announcements are unique in offering the ability to detail what a collectively happy occasion the birth of a baby truly is. In addition to the typical baby specs, you can include the names of your loved ones, pets, and particularly fabulous birthing staff in the “cast list,” as well as personalized “baby reviews” from the soft-hearted critics corner.

These announcements typically are printed on premium glossy photo paper at 5 x 8 inches (click here for information on alternative sizes), and cost between $2.75 - $3.50 per announcement, depending on quantity. Mention that you heard about 5starbaby from Boston Mamas to receive 20% off your order!