Puff Papa


It’s embarrassing how many days of the week I say, “OK, today, no sweets!” And yesterday, mere hours after patting myself on the back for exercising will power against the pull of the local bakery, I was going berserk over a treat Jon brought home from Faneuil Hall: a cream puff from Beard Papa’s.

Bizarre business identity aside, these cream puffs are spectacular. When given a range of options, I typically don’t share Jon’s penchant for all things choux, but the delicate crispness of Beard Papa’s puff pastry, coupled with the smooth, fresh whipped cream custard knocked out my existing cream puff skepticism (based on the sickly sweet artificial filling and rubbery pastry of cream puffs in days past).

Beard Papa’s is known for its cream puffs (made in small batches on the premises using natural ingredients and no preservatives), and also offers other dessert treats. They currently have locations in Asia, Australia, and the US, with more international locations apparently on the way.

Beard Papa’s, 1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston; Tel: 617-570-9070