Okay, so this is an odd, ringing endorsement: Maxima Gift Center is so fabulous that it makes my daughter poop. Seriously.

As devoted readers know, I am a scientist by training and while these days I work more on intuition, my empirical persona can’t help but be impressed by repeated trials and consistent results.

So here’s what has happened the last five out of five times I have visited Maxima with Laurel. We arrive with her in the stroller. She strains against the straps and demands “Out! Mommy!” once we cross the entry. She bolts for the children’s section (resplendent with cool toys, stuffed animals, baby accessories, and her beloved, beloved books) and darts around excitedly (apparently too excitedly...), no doubt wondering how on earth such a place could be possible. I keep an eye on her while desperately straining to take in the stylish collection of bags, jewelry, body products, stationery, pottery, and other gifts that are just out of my reach.

And then, within 5 minutes, she poops. Like clockwork.

Maxima’s cool collection of regular retail and handcrafted gifts is better reflected in their physical stores (Waltham & Arlington) than online. Just be sure to bring your diaper bag when you visit.

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