Sock Sanity


I hate to think that I am pandering to the requests of a crazy toddler, but the thing is, Jon and I got completely fed up with the huge ordeal associated with putting socks and shoes on our babe once fall hit. Clearly, Laurel wishes to reside in a climate that offers more than a 3-month window of sandal season.

I bet Laurel would love the colors and patterns of the previously reported Trumpettes socks but they only come in 0-12 months. So this week I gathered Laurel’s fleet of white Old Navy socks (multi-pack purchased when I got tired of sock sorting and lost pairs) and dyed them yellow (her favorite color). The dye process took about 2 minutes; I added a little yellow Rit Dye ($2.49 at Joann Fabrics) to hot water, stirred the socks in the dye with a plastic spoon, and squeezed out the excess water (wearing a plastic bag on my hand). Then I let the socks air-dry (I wasn’t sure if tossing them directly in the dryer would stain the appliance) then ran them through the dryer to set the dye.

Sock time has been more sane ever since. Now if only I could find a pair of yellow shoes...

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