Sane Fitness


Back in the day (i.e., my early 20’s) I was really fit; as in, hit the gym at 5:30am on my way to work fit. Not surprisingly, those days are long gone and despite my efforts to keep up my gym membership, our relocation and my new schedule have made the gym less accessible.

Imagine my delight, then, when I learned about the stylish and portable Sane Fitness QuickStart Deck ($24.95). Comprised of 3 workouts (with a suggested plan for a 6-week full-body program) that can be done at home with minimal equipment or at the gym, this series is perfect for busy mamas. You’ll need to start with 20 minutes of cardio (does chasing a toddler around the house count?); otherwise each workout involves a mere 11 moves (6 full body exercises, 2 abdominals, 3 stretches). It can’t get faster than that. In the next 6 months Sane Fitness also will roll out a complete fitness deck with 6 months of workouts, and "Sane Preggers," a workout system designed specifically for expecting mamas.

Use the coupon code “FitMama” to receive a 20% discount at Sane Fitness directly; also available at Amazon.