14 Awesome Puzzles for Babies, Kids, & Grownups

Thanks to yesterday's Weekly Blueprint, I learned that tomorrow (January 29) is National Puzzle Day. Yay for puzzles! Laurel has always loved puzzles (as have I) and Violet is following suit with freakish focus. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our favorite puzzles across stages. We love working on big puzzles as a family, but I admittedly still find it satisfying to snap together a 30-piecer! Here are 14 awesome options:

1. Melissa & Doug rules when it comes to chunky puzzles such as this farm animals puzzle. It's perfect for toddler paws that are just starting to strive for motor control greatness.

2. The little four-piece puzzles in this Mother Goose set were a favorite of Vi's. 

3. I love the illustrations in eeBoo products and this baby animals puzzle pairs set is no exception. Laurel loved it as a toddler, and so did Vi. The only thing Vi didn't like was the mismatched pairs (babies separated from their mamas), a function of us losing various pieces over the years.

4. This 12-piece Very Hungry Caterpillar puzzle is a great option for fans of the book (isn't that everyone?). Also, the sturdy pieces and carry pouch are perfect for (sometimes destructive) toddlers.

5. Jon bought this 30 piece barnyard floor puzzle for Violet last Christmas and it has received lots of action. The pieces are nice and sturdy, the animals are beautifully illustrated, and the unusual shape is a nice alternative.

6. On more than one occasion, Vi has sung the Animal Boogie song while working on this 36-piece Animal Boogie puzzle.

7. This multisided Melissa & Doug pets cube puzzle is a little trickier, but definitely offers a lot of bang for your buck (6 puzzles!) once your child is ready for it.

8. Laurel and I have done this Around the World 100-piece puzzle about a million times. I love it and can't wait for when Vi is ready for it!

9. Ravensburger makes great puzzles and this 200-piece castle fantasy puzzle includes a good mix of elements to hunt down.

10. Introduce your kids to fine art (and a family challenge) with this Starry Night 500-piece puzzle.

11. We have a different configuration of this 8-in-1 Disney puzzle assortment and Laurel and I did all 8 puzzle options many, many times. The multipack is nice in that you can choose puzzle size (150, 300, 500 pieces) depending on your mood and ambition.

12. When your family is ready to tackle 1,000 pieces, this balloon bonaza puzzle is a fun option. We've done it several times!

13. Not surprisingly, Laurel loves this candy galore puzzle. The unusually shaped pieces make for a fun challenge.

14. Aside from the fun of assembling this 1,000-piece cupcake puzzle, Laurel and Violet both like talking about the cupcakes. The mini-poster that comes with this puzzle became Violet's "menu."

Image credits: all images credited to linked sources above.