12 Sources of Ninja Day Inspiration

Today is Ninja Day (oh yes it is!) and given that my tactical prowess lies more in the domain of the internet than stealth martial arts, I thought it would be fun to share a roundup of inspired ninja finds from around the web. All of these finds will no doubt earn you dominance in the adorable department, except, perhaps, for #12, which will earn you abs. Go forth and be awesome, fellow ninjas.

1. No one will mess with you if you bring these ninjabread cookies to your holiday cookie swap. (Be sure to use this awesome gingerbread cookie recipe!)

2. To inspire your little ninja in training.

3. For the Macbook loving ninja.

4. Every good ninja begins his or her day with coffee.

5. Crochet your own ninjas.

6. These ninjas? Skilled at detangling cords.

7. We dare you to sign all your emails with your ninja name.

8. Because even ninjas lose teeth.

9. Party like ninjas.

10. Perhaps with vegan ninja cake pops as party fare.

11. Deck the halls with soft felt ninjas.

12. Develop your silent stealth skills with these ninja workout moves.

Image credits: all images per linked references above.