12 Cool Kraft Wrapping Ideas

This year I'm wrapping everything in kraft paper. Why? Because I already have a giant roll in my office (remember the mummy minion?). Because then I don't have to fight Laurel for the decorative rolls. And because you can dress kraft up in so many ways, and also involve your kids in some of those many ways. I decided it would be fun to share a roundup of cool kraft wrapping inspiration, delightful for the holidays or any time of year. Enjoy!

1. I suspect your kids would love to help with this splatter paint concept. (I riffed on this theme with Violet and had her go to town on a gift with her do a dot markers.)

2. Wear your heart on your kraft, as it were.

3. Like to doodle? Grab a shimmery Sharpie and make hand drawn gift wrap.

4. Wrap your kraft with yarn.

5. If you like it put a sprig on it.

6. Doilies aren't just for Valentines anymore.

7. Plants are awesome. They look even more adorable with a kraft wrapper.

8. Given my recent obsession with pom-pom garland (thanks, Paige!), I’m loving this pom-pom accent.

9. Perfect for duct tape enthusiastists. (See also, DIY duct tape belts!)

10. Sewn kraft candy pouches? Adorable.

11. Wrap your wine in kraft (one of my fave clutter-free gifts, btw!).

12. A new use for pencil erasers + stamp pads.

Image credits: all images via linked sources above.