10 Free Thanksgiving Printables For Kids

Today, contributing writer Rene shares a roundup of free Thanksgiving printables for kids:

Between cooking a feast for a small army and playing hostess on Thanksgiving, you may be running around like, well, a turkey with its head cut off. To keep kids entertained while you work, we've culled a collection of cute (and free!) Thanksgiving printables. Let us give thanks for the Internet.

1. This Thanksgiving word search is a great pick for older kids.

2. These cute sketch-style coloring pages also provide space for gratitude lists.

3. Placemat + activity sheet = super smart.

4. This crossword puzzle is a great Thanksgiving-themed brainteaser; alphabet cereal offers a light snack while dinner is cooking.

5. This simple and appealing heart printable can be colored and/or used to write gratitude notes.

6. Eight pages of coloring and puzzles makes this printable activity book a hit with parents and kids alike.

7. Paperglitter's sweet Thanksgiving and fall illustrations will charm crayon-wielding kids.

8. Mickey Mouse fans will love the activities on this clever Thanksgiving placemat.

9. Tweens, teens, and even curious adults will want to know the answers to these Thanksgiving trivia questions. (The winner of the quiz gets the biggest slice of pumpkin pie.)

10. Let the kids create their own tablescape with a crafty kit of Thanksgiving napkin rings, turkey centerpieces, coloring sheets, and crayon holders.

Image credits: all images via linked sources above.