Spring Site Refresh!

Friends, I'm so thrilled to welcome you to the recently refreshed Boston Mamas website! I partnered up again with the brilliant Elan Morgan to make this happen and I am just thrilled! Elan has a magical way of making hard, scary tech things -- say, migrating a website that includes 10 years of content including nearly 4,000 blog posts and hundreds of thousands of comments -- seem easy and she is crazy savvy in Squarespace custom development. She not only is a wonderful person and a thoughtful writer, she's also a technological unicorn.

Given my passion for all dimensions of lifestyle editing, part of my goal with the refresh was to clean up the site visually, make it easier to navigate, and finally -- FINALLY! -- optimize for mobile browsing. I also was inspired to refresh because I've been thinking a lot about the content here and my journey with Boston Mamas over the last 10 years and I realized that there is simply too much old content here that isn't relevant anymore and it's time to edit the digital clutter! 

So I just wanted to share that the site is still a work in process. I need to hunker down and take on the mammoth task of editing down the archives, which means that while I will for sure continue to post several times a week, I may reduce my posting frequency until the archive edit is done. HOWEVER, it will be worth it because the end result will be a great user experience when you visit and are looking for things!

I hope you enjoy poking around the site in its current iteration, have fun scrolling around on mobile (OMG SO AWESOME!), and thanks in advance for your patience while I work out final kinks and undertake the archive edit. And thank you so much for being a part of the nearly 10-year history of this site, and I hope you'll enjoy the site as it continues to evolve! If you have any questions at all, please drop me a line at editor@bostonmamas.com

xoxo Christine

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