Weekly Blueprint

Happy Sunday everyone, I’m in recovery mode from a tough half marathon this morning (the race was well organized and the course was awesome – my mojo was just totally off!) but wanted to share the Weekly Blueprint for your planning pleasure. Enjoy!


November 14: Find out first-hand how water journeys from rainfall to faucet (Cambridge)

November 14: Celebrate Harry Potter Week and Build a Beast (Dorchester)


November 15: Magnify, sort, compare, and explore at Gourds Galore! (Acton)

November 15: Tinker Tots explores science and engineering through stories and activities (Boston)

November 15-20: The Children’s Museum in Easton plays with circles all week (North Easton)


November 16: Check out What’s the Weather Wednesday or Make a Mess with Squash Science (Acton)

November 16: Young wizards create their own wands with paint, rhinestones, and glitter (Dorchester)

November 16-April 9: Dive into the world of shapes, colors, and picture book characters at the opening of KAHBAHBLOOM: The Art and Storytelling of Ed Emberley (Worcester)


November 17: Play veterinarian to Abby the Therapy Dog (Acton)

November 17: Learn about The Care and Feeding of Monster Black Holes (Cambridge)

November 17: Enjoy read-alouds and related treats when Chill on Park presents “Tasty Stories” (Dorchester)

November 17-20: It’s time for the Boston Home Décor Show (Boston)

November 17-20: Explore the wilds of Sherwood Forest with puppets at Robin Hood (Brookline)


November 18: Get a sneak peek preview of the Waldorf Enchanted Fair & Curiosities (Beverly)

November 18: Take in a baby-friendly movie at Coolidge Corner Theatre’s Box Office Babies (Brookline)

November 18: Track wildlife, weather, plants, and more during this Seasonal Walkabout (Cambridge)

November 18: Enjoy bedtime stories about adoption to celebrate National Adoption Month (Dedham)

November 18: It’s time for the the Sleigh Bell Artisan Fair to benefit the Wenham Museum (Wenham)

November 18-December 23: Put on PJs and ride the Polar Express (Hyannis)

November 18-December 31: The Festival of Lights at Edaville USA begins this weekend (Carver)