Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Friends, there is so much amazing stuff going on in the world right now. Today in particular I'm fired up about the Global Goals. It's pretty awesome and amazing that our kids can be the generation that makes major things happen! If you're looking for easy ways to learn about the Global Goals and talk about them with your kids, may I humbly suggest this parent toolkit that I designed for the UN? And now onto Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome.

- This middle schooler is trying to turning LEGOs into robots. Smart kids rule. This Boston-area middle schooler is giving new (robotic) life to old LEGOs. (via Indiegogo)

- The best way to compliment little girls. My talented friend Sarah Powers wrote this post and it is so awesome and so important. The concrete examples for shifting the direction of compliments -- so helpful. (via The Washington Post)

- Dad builds Halloween costumes around wheelchairs as a nonprofit: This effort to help kids in wheelchairs have boss Halloween costumes is pretty amazing. (via Good News Network)

- A toxic work world: Can only the young and childless succeed in their careers? (via the New York Times)

- Women's issues are family issues, and family issues are economic issues: This post by Hillary Clinton makes me extra proud to have been a White House intern in the Office of the First Lady during the Clinton presidency. (via BlogHer)

- The pope's lunch plans are exactly why we love the dude so much: This is so, so wonderful. (via Upworthy)

- Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work: Whitney Johnson is brilliant and awesome. Her new book releases October 6; pre-order a copy!

- Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things: I'm also so thrilled about my friend Jenny Lawson's book launch. She is hilarious and irreverent and searingly candid. Also, you should watch her trailer below: 

Image credit: glazed pumpkin cookies via Pinterest