Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

So hello everyone! Now that I'm getting back into a routine with the kids back in school, I wanted to bring back Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome but also change it up a little. Instead of just sharing a lot of headlines, I'll likely include a smaller collection of headlines + a brief commentary on why a particular article, video, or series of images caught my eye. I'll also sometimes direct embed videos, because hey, that's way easier for your viewing pleasure, right? I hope this is helpful for your perusing! Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

- Why I put my wife's career first: Such an interesting article, particularly given today's shifting breadwinner tides. (via The Atlantic)

- A real life Jeopardy! contestant forced Alex Trebek to say 'Turd Ferguson': An epic pop culture prank. I can't even. (via Esquire)

- 10 tricks to appear smart in meetings: Venn diagrams make everything better. Apparently, the more inaccurate the better. #bwahaha (via The Cooper Review)

- Stevie Wonder brings James Corden to tears in adorable 'Carpool Karaoke': Stevie Wonder is boss. That is all. (via Mashable)

- George Takei on how Kim Davis violated the first amendment: George Takei isn't just the distributor of hilarious memes. He is incredibly smart, perceptive, and thoughtful. (via The Daily Beast)

- One woman's photography and the fight to end child marriage: These photos are visually gorgeous, yet completely disturbing. (via ONE)

- 20 cognitive biases that screw up your decision making: I love infographics, I'm a former cognitive psychologist, and I hate screwing up decision making. So, well, this graphic. (via Lifehacker)

- Student arrested for bringing clock to school speaks to media: This situation made my heart hurt but the response was INCREDIBLE. Ahmed Mohamed speaks to media. (via PBS)

Image credit: rolled puff pastry with Nutella