10 Clever Backyard Projects for Kids

Today, Rene shares a roundup of 10 clever backyard projects for kids:

We're just a few weeks (or one week, for some school districts!) into summer vacation, but if your kids already are claiming there's nothing to do outside, here are 10 clever and creative projects they can tackle in the backyard. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to have fun!

1. Nature collage suncatcher. Little explorers can forage for flowers, leaves, grass, twigs, or whatever else they want to include in this low-fuss, simple craft.

2. Squirt gun paintingNeed I say more? Kids will love this project, and the messier, the better!

3. Butterfly feeder. Draw beautiful butterflies to your yard with this easy craft that kids of any age can assist with.

4. Worm farm. For truly down and dirty play, try out a worm farm. Smaller container farms are easy to assemble out of recycled glass or plastic containers. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous (or if you kids really, really love worms), try this larger scale model.

5. Rainbow bubble snakes. Mix and match food coloring to create colorful bubble creations that will snake around the yard.

6. Fly swatter painting. Snag a few new swatters from your local dollar store and let the kids have at it; goggles might be a good idea for this raucous project.

7. Tin foil river. Budding engineers will become absorbed in creating their waterway, complete with obstacles and streams.

8. Giant ice cube awesomeness. Kiddos can help toss small toys in before this massive ice block is frozen, and then the fun really begins when they chip away to discover those treasures and cool off in the process.

9. Slide painting. One slide, a loooong roll of easel paper, washable paint, and water combine for an afternoon well spent in messy, colorful fun.

10. Marble run water slide. Slice up some pool noodles (gotta love that dollar store!), attach the hose, and let your kids send marbles, cars and whatever else they can think of careening down the slide.

Image credits: images via linked sources above