Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! It's a girls weekend for me, Laurel, and Violet since Jon is teaching all weekend and I'm thinking that one of our agenda items may be to make these s'mores cookies. Because, well, s'mores cookies! And if you're looking to kick back with some interesting reads/visuals, here's what caught my eye on the internet this week. Thanks for being awesome, internet.

- How to balance two careers in one family without arguing.

- This is what it's like [to be a black girl in America].

- 37 impossible questions from my mixed-race son.

- The hipster is dead and you might not like who comes next.

- College is not a commodity. Stop treating it like one.

- America's largest mental hospital is a jail.

- OK, who else is overwhelmed by the urge to DANCE?

- Goat-powered landscaping FTW!

- Kids embrace what many adults are missing about Caitlyn Jenner.

- Female scientists mock Tim Hunt by posting #DistractinglySexy photos on Twitter. (OMG DYING!)

Image credit: s'mores cookies via Pinterest