Best of May 2015

Holy moly, end of May you guys! After a rather rough first quarter of the year, May zipped by full of activity and good things and basically crisis-free, so, YAY! This month also included a lot of wonderful content, which I'm rounding up via the Best of May 2015. Enjoy a wonderful last day of May and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow, in June (which will be a month full of transitions, including Laurel finishing elementary school!)!


- 5 easy yet awesome table settings

Family Issues

- 7 things I've learned from raising a gifted child

- How to educate your kids about sex and relationships

- Refresh your funny about alcohol humor


- Yoga socks + gloves for the traveling yogi


- How to handle Jack-in-the-Box syndrome


- Traveling with kids: The Hotel Viking

- 13 ways to learn about Thai culture

- Office Champions Summit recap + Seattle's finest

Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

- 1

- 2

- 3

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