Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

You guys, May. I'm already digging it! Warmer temperatures (according to the forecast, 70+ degrees all next week!), I'm starting to see our hosta and peony plants push up through the ground, and it looks like all the flowering trees on our street are about to burst. WOO HOO! Meanwhile, I wanted to leave you with some reads and visuals that caught my eye this week. Enjoy this week's installment of Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome.

- One way you can help Nepal right now.

- How to attract female engineers.

- John Oliver's glorious Dr. Oz takedown.

- This is how fast America changes its mind.

- How to keep women with children out of the workforce.

- For a healthy heart, you may have to eat more cheese.

- Photo essay: images of empowerment.

- Let's all wax nostalgic with this musical tribute to 80's teen movies.

- What a collection of 250,000 Lego bricks looks like.

Image credit: Greek goddess dip via Pinterest