Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Happy weekend everyone, I hope you're having an excellent one! We're in the middle of a bizarrely busy day (seriously, what is it with everything being scheduled for this weekend?) but I wanted to pop in quickly to share a roundup of reads and visuals that caught my eye via Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome. So much interesting stuff out there! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday! 

- It's time to Climb Out of the Darkness.

- Congrats to Nick Fradiani (of my beloved alma mater)!

- Ha! Please stop saying these 25 ridiculous phrases at work.

- The definition of hell for each Myers-Briggs personality type.

- Stand with girls around the world - post a #Strengthie!

- The Muppets are returning!

- Where the "elite" kids shouldn't meet.

- Do we talk funny? 51 American colloquialisms.

- Generation X's parenting problem.

- The real reason college tuition costs so much.

Image credit: s'mores brownies via Pinterest