Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend. I'm starting to crawl out of the crazy that was the first sixth of this year (seriously, what was up, first sixth of the year??) and absorb things on the internet again (ironic, I know, given that I'm an internet publisher), so I want to get back to Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome regularly. Enjoy this week's installment and see you back here on Monday!

- A tribute to one of my beloved college professors.

- Go on and back these cool dolls for boys.

- I was in tears over these hilarious stock photos with Vince Vaughn.

- Loving this cool educational partnership between Scholastic and my beloved ONE to help families to learn about energy poverty.

- Can family secrets make you sick?

- This post made me want to start reading with Laurel again.

- Worrying about stuff is a sign of intelligence

- An indie bands stands up to McDonald's no budget offer.

- Dirty little secrets of tidy families

- Have you ever thought about starting a capsule wardrobe? This is basically what I do (but didn’t realize there was a name for it!

Image credit: peanut butter millionaire shortbread bars via Pinterest