Join Me For A Webinar Next Week!

Friends! I suspect you know about Bright Horizons, whether from these posts on 7 things to know about kids and play and 9 cool science experiments using everyday household ingredients or from seeing their locations around town. And I’m delighted to share that next Tuesday, November 17 from 2:30-3:30pm I’m co-hosting a Bright Horizons webinar called Edit Your Life: Making Modern Family Life Work. I'm so excited to chat with everyone!

During the webinar my book and podcast co-pilot Asha and I will discuss and answer questions about how to manage the pressures of modern parenting and edit your life of the guilt and “shoulds” so you have more room to embrace and enjoy the things you care about. We all need this, right?! The webinar is free + open to the public: REGISTER HERE!

Image credit: 1) Pixabay, 2) Bright Horizons

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