Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello friends -- I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I'm popping in quickly to share this week's Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome -- enjoy, enjoy! Also, just wanted to remind you about Boo in the Zoo in Stoneham. It's happening both weekend days but tomorrow I'll be there for a bit at the Fidelity U.Fund Dreams Tour tent if you want to say hello. I'll likely be there on the front end of the event and would love to meet you!

- Here's where to go to college if you want a high-paying job: So fascinating. And having studied at Ivy League not Ivy League, I will just put it right out there that my education from my non-Ivy League undergrad was so much more rewarding!

- Oink Charities: How cool is this? Emma and Madison are local high schoolers who organize fundraising events and then distribute that money to charities such as Alex's Lemonade Stand and Operation Smile. I love seeing kids being awesome and socially minded!

- 31 Girls 31 Days 31 Hopes For the Future: Oh man, I totally teared up seeing Laurel as part of this feature at ONE.org. Click on the 4th tile to read her interview responses.

- Portraits of transgender children reveal "the person they really feel they are": Oh my goodness these photos. So amazing.

- The (surprising) greenest city in the US?: #8 ain't bad, Boston.

- The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money: Having grown up low income and seen my parents struggle hard, this article really hit a nerve.

- How doctors take women's pain less seriously: This is not awesome but worth reading and sharing.

Image credit: paper flower garland via Pinterest