10 Tasty Pies to Try

I love pie. There's something so homey and happy about homemade pie and I always lobby to contribute pies for Thanksgiving potluck. However, pie is awesome all year round and tomorrow (January 23) is National Pie Day. I don't need a holiday to eat pie, but hey, I'll take the inspiration! Here are 10 pies to try, tomorrow or any day. I think my 2015 resolution will be to make all 10 of these pies by the year's end.

Click through the links below for full recipes, additional images, and further culinary inspiration from these amazing pie-loving bloggers!

1. Laurel recently introduced me to brownie pie (a true stroke of baking brilliance) and this brownie pie recipe looks similar in composition.

2. I adore coconut and this coconut cream pie looks simpler than a recipe I've used in the past. I can't wait to try it!

3. This French coconut pie (yes, I meant it when I said I adore coconut) looks like a macaroon in pie format. Sign. me. up.

4. Don't feel like firing up the oven? Try this no-bake peanut butter pie. Mmm...peanut butter.

5. S'mores. Great on a stick, even easier to eat as s’mores pie.

6. Got lactose issues? Not a problem with this chocolate tofu pie. I was surprised by how good it was...I was a little skeptical at first, despite being pro tofu!

7. This lemon meringue pie is a major favorite in our house; Laurel mastered it for Thanksgiving! The photo below is of her final product -- impressive, no?

8. Two words. Crack pie.

9. Enjoy two fruity servings with less guilt (that math totally works, right?) with this strawberry pie.

10. Quick and easy caramel pie. I think I'm going to surprise Laurel with this soon. She will FREAK OUT.

Image credits: all images via linked sources above