Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Hello folks! We have my sister and her family here this weekend (yay!) and I'll be ducking out for a few hours for the Splendid event in Chestnut Hill today (I'd love to see you there!), so I wanted to take a moment to share some fun reads/visuals that caught my eye this week. I've been so enjoying sharing links and commenting on posts these days (wonderfully old school!); happy reading and have a great weekend!

- For any creative professional who struggles with comparison.

- Doing nothing is OK. (Hell yes.)

- 7 common problems solved by owning less. (Again, hell yes.)

- 10 DIY window treatments.

- What happens when a 35-year-old man retakes the SAT. (Warning: profanity)

- Eight ways to be (more) here and (more) happy.

- Dancing Korean chunkamonk. OMG.

- Dads who do housework have more ambitious daughters.

- 17 crazy animal photobombs.

- Warped childhood, Restoration Hardware style.

Image credit: triple pocket napkin fold tutorial via Pinterest