Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Oh man, you know what's awesome in real life? THIS WEATHER! I am so, so ready for spring and it was awesome to hit the park with Vivy this morning in a relaxed, non-freezing manner. I hope you enjoy some time out and about today! Meanwhile, if you're looking to curl up with some reads and visuals, enjoy this week's edition of Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome.

- The best time to book an airplane ticket.

- OMG dolphins and whales.

- DIY gold glitter slime!

- Next week is National Crochet Week; get your crochet on with these easy crochet patterns.

- United colors of Lupita.

- 9 quick and easy things to make a single mom’s day.

- Great yoga poses for runners.

- 10 Boston stereotypes that are completely accurate.

- Gorgeous accent pillows I am coveting.

- Organization tips for busy families: March 24th at 3pm!

- Great foods for hydrating your skin.

Image credit: Gold glitter slime via Pinterest