Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! I was reminded of a couple of things: how important date night is (mega thanks to my sister Steph for babysitting and yay for Bistro 5!) and how good it is to gear up and get with the kids even when the weather is crappy. Meanwhile, if you're looking for something fun to do this week, enjoy this roundup via the Weekly Blueprint:

April 1 - 4: Celebrate nanoscale science and engineering at NanoDays. (Acton)

April 1: ASD-friendly afternoon at the museum with special guest. (Acton)

April 1: Tricks animals play. (Belmont)

April 1: Head outside for lunch today and hit up the first day of food trucks on the Green Way. (Boston)

April 2: Free admission to deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. (Lincoln)

April 2 + 3: Mom’s night out at The Best of the MOMologues. (Arlington)

April 3 - 6: Turtle’s New Home puppet show. (Brookline)

April 3: Help your budding scientist learn the right tools for the job. (Worcester)

April 4: Free admission to The Discovery Museums. (Acton)

April 4: Baa-baa baby lambs at Drumlin Farm. (Lincoln)

April 4 - 6: Craft Boston, featuring over 90 of Bostons best artisans. (Boston)

April 4: Enought of the chilly weather, it’s time for spring! (Cambridge)

April 4: Late night at the museum. (Easton)

Image credit: deCordova

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