Weekly Blueprint

Good morning everyone, are you bleary eyed from watching the Oscars? I instead obsessed over paint swatches last night and caught the award highlights on YouTube this morning (thank you, internet). I hope you have a great Monday; enjoy this roundup of events for the week! Also, I still have a handful of slots left for this (free) spa party I'm hosting if you want to join in!

March 3: Especially for me morning for children with hearing loss. (Acton)

March 4: Make a MESS: Mardi Gras in a box. (Acton)

March 4: ASD friendly afternoon at the museum. (Acton)

March 5: Parent education session on families and the digital age. (Boston)

March 5: DeCordova Museum tours are free today. (Lincoln)

March 6: Celebrate Women’s History Month with these SMART gals. (Acton)

March 6: The final stretch to Spring and marathon season in Boston. (Boston)

March 6: Give your budding scientist the chance to explore wheels and ramps. (Worcester)

March 7: Celebrate Carnaval with free museum admission. (Acton)

March 7: Chinese New Year banquet. (Boston)

March 7: Dr. Seuss storytime. (Cambridge)

March 7: Late night at the museum. (Easton)

March 7: Farm connections: where does our food come from? (Lincoln)

March 7: A year in the life of a honeybee. (Marshfield)

March 7: World premiere concert by Matthew Aucoin. (Salem)

Image credit: Mass Audubon

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