Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a great weekend! I'm feeling especially bright spirited; in addition to enjoying a lovely run and nature walk with the girls today, as of this afternoon, I'm finally free of the albatross that was squaring up my 2013 finances for taxes. YAHOO! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and enjoy this roundup of Hey Internet, Keep Being Awesome:

- A fundraiser for Boston firefighters Ed Walsh and Mike Kennedy.

- Kevin Bacon, you the man.

- 16 tips for drama free parenting.

- This is why I’m growing my hair out: polished bun how-to.

- My curated collection of ottomans. Which should I get for my living room?

- Children around the world with their most prized possessions.

- If you think you may lose your mind reading one more long-form parenting essay.

- Weekend project: blood orange margaritas!

- Tribute to a mother’s strength.

- The happiest and healthiest cities in America (fist bump #17, #23).

- Asha and I are beyond honored to be nominated for two Iris Awards (Game Changer for Minimalist Parenting + Philanthropic Work for our #HelpWomenAtRisk fundraiser)!

Image credit: blood orange margaritas via Pinterest