Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a great week! I must say that after three very full weekends (and somewhat crazy weeks too), I'm thrilled that this coming weekend is blissfully open! If you've got some free windows and are looking to get out and about with your kids, enjoy this roundup of 16 events, lovingly curated for your consideration. Have a great one!

1. Make oobleck, memory metal and more all while celebrating NanoDays. (Acton)

2. Live storytelling: tales of Japan with Motoko. (Boston)

3. NOVA Making Stuff workshop: making stuff cooler. (Boston)

4. Science and conservation day at the zoo. (Boston)

5. Links, lines and knots. (Boston)

6. Wayne Potash and the Music Fun Band. (Brookline)

7. The Magic Soup and Other Stories. (Brookline)

8. The French Embassy presents Ernest & Celestine. (Cambridge)

9. Exploring owls. (Cambridge)

10. The great salamander migration. (East Falmouth)

11. DIY bat caves...err houses. (Lenox)

12. Woolapalooza. (Lincoln)

13. Opening day for the hands-on Maker Lounge. (Salem)

14. Story and craft time with author of Breathe. (Wellesley)

15. Ben Rudnick and Friends. (Winchester)

16. Join in medieval revelry to celebrate the opening of Knights! (Worcester)

Image credit: Drumlin Farm

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