Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! While Jon was in training and Laurel party hopped her way through the weekend (for real), Violet and I enjoyed a lot of snuggle time indoors (I think she's still recovering from our trip to Disney). Anyway, now I'm gearing up for the week; if you're looking for something to do, enjoy this roundup via the Weekly Blueprint:

March 24: The second in a series of French films at the Belmont World Film Festival. (Belmont)

March 26: Snip, color, and glue collected bits into eco arts and crafts. (Concord)

March 26: Nature’s own slime time. (Sharon)

March 27: Paint like a Tinga Tinga artist. (Acton)

March 27-30: The Magic Soup and Other Stories. (Brookline)

March 28: Get up close and personal with some native animals. (Acton)

March 28: Monthly family dance party, KidsJam. (Boston)

March 28: Salamander-themed preschool story hour. (Princeton)

March 28-30: Join in medieval revelry to celebrate the opening of Knights! (Worcester)

March 28-April 4: The French Embassy presents Ernest & Celestine. (Cambridge)

Image credit: terrarium via Pinterest

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