Weekend Roundup

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you're enjoying a great week! I've definitely been struggling to catch up on work after being offline for four days at Disney + reconciling paperwork so I can deal with dreaded taxes is looming over me, but I'm ready for a productive Friday! And then, weekend! If you're looking for something to do this weekend, enjoy this roundup of 13 events.

1. Search for signs of spring...they have to be somewhere! (Acton)

2. Debbie O’Carroll’s Magical Theatre for Children (Arlington)

3. Irish film festival for the wee ones. (Boston)

4. Healthy kids festival. (Boston)

5. Hao Bang-Ya Horse by Chinese Theatre Works (Brookline)

6. It’s Davey the Clown! (Brookline)

7. Creature feature: salamanders and frogs. (Gloucester)

8. Take a moment to stop, look and listen to nature. (Ipswich)

9. Eco-games free-for-all. (Newburyport)

10. What wildlife find homes in beaver ponds? (Princeton)

11. Maple days. (Sturbridge)

12. Spring sing. A family celebration of spring. (Watertown)

13. Kidville in Wellesley is turning one and you’re invited to the party! (Wellesley)

Image credit: Etsy

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