Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful break! This holiday was so lovely yet I'm also super excited to sit down and get into a routine again (especially given that our morning was derailed by a dead car battery!). I'll soon be sharing a couple of posts to help you think about the new year; meanwhile, here's a roundup of fun things to via the Weekly Blueprint:

January 6: Intro to yoga for the 4 - 6 year old set. (Watertown)

January 7: An ASD-friendly afternoon at the museum. (Acton)

January 7: Fingerprint doodle art. (Dorchester)

January 8: Get on your feet at this Act-It-Out Story Time. (Concord)

January 8: Get out your crazy socks and join in this Twister tournament. (Dorchester)

January 8: Artfull play. (Lincoln)

January 10: New KEVA design exhibit opens. (Acton)

January 10: Storytime at the Curious George store. (Cambridge)

January 10 - 11: 11th Annual Celtic Music Festival. (Boston)

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