Weekend Roundup

Hello friends, this Weekend Roundup is dropping late in the day because the combination of school vacation + snow days has left me continually confused about what day it is and I spent much of today thinking it was Saturday! Enjoy the roundup, have a great weekend, and if you're looking for something to do to stave off the cabin fever check out these 30 ideas for indoor/outdoor fun.

1. The Magic of the Imagination. (Arlington)

2. Kids visit the zoo for FREE! (Boston)

3. Three Kings Day music and movement. (Boston)

4. The magic and science of bubbles. (Cambridge)

5. Step inside a story. (Concord)

6. New year, new leaf. (Mattapan)

7. Turtle trekkers. (Norfolk)

8. Fire up the oven in the snow kitchen. (Worcester)

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