Weekly Blueprint

Happy Monday everyone, can you believe this is the last week of January? And that it's 45 degrees out right now? (I must admit, I'm totally ready for spring...) I hope you have a great week ahead! I've been doing a lot of Boston Mamas brainstorming and will have some fun announcements coming soon; meanwhile, enjoy this roundup of fun events in the Weekly Blueprint:

January 27: Creative movement with Erica Sigal. (Boston)

January 27: Busca Arte! Multi-cultural art and seek. (Canton)

January 28: Free night of skating for our local heroes. (Cambridge)

January 28: It’s National Kazoo Day. (Dorchester)

January 29: Exercise your mind on National Puzzle Day. (Acton)

January 29: Little Explorers Ground Hog Day celebration...a few days early. (Topsfield)

January 30: Prepare to celebrate the Chinese New Year. (Acton)

January 30: Meet the star of Groundhog day before her big day. (Lincoln)

January 31: KidsJam family dance party. (Boston)

January 31: We do not recommend you attend this Opposite Day storytime. (Cambridge)

January 31: Winter stories and crafts with Miss Maija. (Dorchester)

January 31: Time to celebrate the year of the horse. (Easton)

January 31: On the rise! Make your bread and butter. (Lincoln)

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