Let's Meet This Fall!

eldorado-hotel.jpgGiven how digitally oriented my professional life is, it's always so fun to connect with people in real life. This fall I have three speaking engagements on the books, and I wanted to share two of them today. Travel to cool places is involved for both (the third event is local and I'll share more once I have a link) and I have registration discounts to share. I'd love to meet you on the road this fall!

October 3-5: I'll be at Blogalicious in Atlanta both to help the American Cancer Society (a client) with their fitness activity on Friday morning (7:15pm) and then to speak later in the day (5:30pm) on the Awareness Blogging panel (per my work at The Mission List). (I might also do a book signing for Minimalist Parenting.) Use code SpeakerFriend to receive 30% off your registration.

November 8-11: I adore Erin and Kristin of Manic Mommies and I'm incredibly honored to be the keynote speaker of this year's Santa Fe Escape. It looks like a bananas awesome weekend and I'm so excited to attend, meet 150 fantastic people, and talk about dialing down the noise and cranking up the awesome. If you want to join in the fun, I have a $25 discount to share. E-mail me (with "Manic Mommies" in the subject) and I'll hook you up with the secret registration code!

Hope to meet you this fall!

Image credit: Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe

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