How to Handle Back-to-School Anxiety

school-bus.jpgAre your kids already back in school? It's hard for me to believe that in two weeks Laurel heads to fourth grade. This summer has been a mix of awesome, chaos, and challenging camp transitions; I'm looking forward to getting into a rhythm with the school year and I know Laurel is excited to see her friends again. However, given our history (and the fact that Laurel is a bit disappointed about class assignments), I'm prepared for bumps and know many other parents struggle around back to school anxiety. I wanted to share some helpful material with you:

1. I recently shared tips for dealing with back-to-school anxiety over at Three of the tips are related to emotional anxiety, and one related to logistics and budgeting.

2. We struggled so much with Laurel's transitions in kindergarten. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this post on coping with kindergarten transitions (they can apply to any age!).

3. This post on coping with end of year transitions contains a lot of relevant recommendations for beginning of year too.

4. One of my contributing writers wrestled with serious anxiety issues with one of her kids; she offers helpful advice and resources.

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