Weekly Blueprint

teddy bears.jpgHappy Monday everyone, I hope you had a good weekend and are gearing up for a great week. I'm a little preoccupied right now with some pressing family matters so I may be a bit spotty online over the next few days but will do my best to keep up with things. Please wing some good mojo into the universe, and meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this roundup of fun events in the Weekly Blueprint:

August 13: River walk dancing. (Ipswich)

August 14: Juggling with Peter Panic. (Lowell)

August 14: Puppets on Boston Common. (Boston)

August 14-17: The Bugtown Follies. (Brookline)

August 15: Circle the square. (Medford)

August 15: Latin music with Tito Puente. (Boston)

August 15: Airborne entertainment. (Lowell)

August 15: Irish music. (Acton)

August 15: A picnic concert. (Ipswich)

August 15: Teddy bear picnic birthday party. (Boston)

August 15-16: A family gardening workshop. (Concord)

August 15-17: Keep Boston green. (Boston)

August 15-18: The fisherman's feast. (Boston)

August 16: Yay for free fun Fridays! (Multiple locations)

August 16: Free Friday flick. (Boston)

August 16: Concert on the lawn. (Lexington)

August 16: Outdoor movie screening with Vegetable Circus. (Cambridge)

August 16-25: Time for the The Marshfield Fair. (Marshfield)

Image credit: Boston Children's Museum

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