Weekly Blueprint

beach.jpgHappy Monday everyone; I hope you had a fantastic (and steamy!) holiday long weekend. I ended up taking a few days off since we're juggling Laurel's summer transition; I was pretty much confused every single day about what day it was, but otherwise it was quite lovely! Anyway, I hope you have a great week on tap. Stay cool and hydrated, and here are some fun events to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
July 8: Summerfest. (Marshfield)

July 10: A family concert. (Charlestown)

July 10: Play in the park. (Lincoln)

July 10: Mystery summer science book club. (Acton)

July 10: Curious creatures. (Lowell)

July 11: A summer concert series. (Harvard)

July 11: Tie-dye drop in. (Easton)

July 11: A picnic concert. (Ipswich)

July 11: Family farm night. (Winchester)

July 11: Evening concert in Adams Park. (Roslindale)

July 11: Shipwrecks of the South Shore. (Boston)

July 11: Ben Rudnick and friends. (Lowell)

July 12: Afternoon hayride and campfire. (Lincoln)

July 12: Evening hayride and campfire. (Lincoln)

July 12: Rocket science drop in. (Easton)

July 12: Backyard bug search. (Newburyport)

July 12: Paint a water mural. (Boston)

July 12: Concert at Payson Park. (Belmont)

July 12: Concert on the lawn. (Lexington)

July 12: Free Friday flick. (Boston)

July 12: Yay for free fun Fridays! (Multiple locations)

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