Weekly Blueprint

frog-pond-yoga.JPGHappy Monday, everyone -- I hope you had a great weekend! I took Laurel and Violet to visit family on the Cape (incidentally, we ended up doing a few things on this list of awesome things to do on Upper Cape Cod!) while Jon was teaching and it was simply delightful. It's time to jump back into the real world though and I hope you have a great week on tap. Here's a roundup of fun things to do in this week's Weekly Blueprint:
Now through July 27: A good old-fashioned county fair. (Barnstable)

July 23: Music at the meeting house. (Ipswich)

July 23: Frog pond yoga (taught by my fabulous sister Sharon this week) (Boston)

July 23: Indian Hill Music jazz. (Acton)

July 23: Take me out to baseball day. (Boston)

July 24: A family guide to the orchestra. (Boston)

July 24-27: National Marionette Theater presents Pinocchio. (Brookline)

July 25: Instrument playground. (Roxbury)

July 25: A picnic concert. (Ipswich)

July 25: Family farm night. (Winchester)

July 25: A jolly German band. (Acton)

July 25: A summer concert series. (Harvard)

July 25: Rock and roll with Rolie Polie Guacamole. (Easton)

July 26: Vanessa Trien at Payson Park. (Belmont)

July 26: Yay for free fun Fridays! (Multiple locations)

July 26: Free Friday flick. (Boston)

July 26: Concert on the lawn. (Lexington)

July 26: Family day. (Boston)

July 26: A summer pops concert. (Boston)

July 26: Help create a giant mural. (Boston)

July 26-28: Summer arts weekend. (Boston)

Now through July 28: For those who love French films. (Boston)

Image credit: Boston Common Frog Pond

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