Weekend Roundup

bcm-bees-critter-day.pngHappy Friday everyone; I hope you've been enjoying a great week. It's been a stressful week on my end, so I'm looking forward to taking things down a notch this weekend (starting with a new quilt project Laurel and I are working on together!). Meanwhile, a couple of fun things: First, I weigh in today at the Boston Globe on managing princess obsessions re: the Princess Merida controversy -- come share your thoughts! Second, you definitely should enter to win these organic house cleaning service and Canon DSLR + Epiphanie bag giveaways -- amazing! And now, on to the weekend; here are 23 event picks, lovingly curated for your consideration.
1. Owls of the world. (Acton)

2. A goat gala. (Belmont)

3. Celebrate Japanese culture. (Boston)

4. All about bees. (Boston)

5. World friendship day. (Boston)

6. Patchwork portraits. (Boston)

7. All about whales. (Boston)

8. Clay techniques from Italy. (Boston)

9. EarthFest. (Boston)

10. Antiques galore. (Brimfield)

11. Sleeping Beauty, puppet style. (Brookline)

12. Cambridge open studios. (Cambridge)

13. Rock out with the Flannery Brothers. (Concord)

14. The Velveteen Rabit. (Concord)

15. Hog wild. (Haverhill)

16. Score baby and kid bargains. (Lexington)

17. Creature scene investigations. (Lincoln)

18. The Secret Garden. (Newburyport)

19. Kite festival. (Revere)

20. SpringFest. (Stow)

21. An apple blossom festival. (Westford)

22. WorldFest. (Woburn)

23. For those who love trucks. (Woburn)

Image credit: Boston Children's Museum

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