Weekend Roundup

pem-sensational-india.jpgHappy Friday everyone! I don't know about you, but I am super excited for the weekend; if you're looking for something to do, enjoy this roundup of 25 events, lovingly curated for your consideration! Meanwhile, I've been meaning to mention that Asha and I are so honored to be contributing to The Huffington Post's Stress-Less Parenting Club! Check out our articles on thinking differently about time, school year activities, and kids' birthday parties, as well as book excerpts + challenges on time management, de-stressing school mornings, and taking the stress out of birthday parties. I hope you enjoy the series -- yay for less stress!
1. Explore nanoscience. (Acton)

2. A-town jazz festival. (Arlington)

3. Rock out with Liz Buchanan. (Arlington)

4. Volunteer service for the goats. (Belmont)

5. Charlotte's Web. (Beverly)

6. Learn to sow seeds. (Beverly)

7. A yoga and meditation fundraiser, including kids classes! (Boston)

8. For budding architects. (Boston)

9. NanoDays. (Boston)

10. Rock out with Ben Rudnick. (Boston)

11. A family fest. (Boston)

12. A family walking tour. (Boston)

13. Welcome back, Red Sox! (Boston)

14. Tales of a carrot salesman. (Brookline)

15. Rock out with Eric Herman. (Brookline)

16. A family fun day. (Brookline)

17. A dinosaur petting zoo. (New Bedford)

18. An international festival on the South Shore. (Hingham)

19. Rock out with SteveSongs to benefit cancer research. (Newton)

20. A community concert. (Newton Centre)

21. A sheep shearing open house. (Princeton)

22. Sensational India. (Salem)

23. Nixi Expo. (Waltham)

24. Kids bargains galore. (Winchester)

25. The Outfit the Kids consignment extravaganza. (Woburn)

Image credit: Peabody Essex Museum

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