Weekly Blueprint

tulips.jpgHappy Monday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was a bit of a crazy one for me, given that I had to zip down to New York for a live interview with Fox & Friends, but the experience was so wonderful (here's the interview clip if you want to take a look!) and I was thrilled to make it home with plenty of time to enjoy open studios with Laurel and snuggle Violet. Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful week; here are some handy/fun ideas to consider in this week's Weekly Blueprint (note: following a reader request, I'm including town listings as I do for the weekend roundups; hope this is helpful to you!):
April 29: Art in bloom. (Boston)

April 29: Meet Samantha Wilde (who will read from her Boston-based novel). (Winchester)

April 30: D is for dried fruit. (Easton)

April 30: Create shell art. (Acton)

May 1: May Day merriness. (Lincoln)

May 1: For those who love trucks, tractors, and tools. (Lincoln)

May 2: Pet therapy. (Acton)

May 3: Birds and owls after hours. (Belmont)

May 3: Spring invitation night. (Newburyport)

May 3: Spring constellations. (Natick)

May 3-5: A spring festival. (Westborough)

Now through April 30: Welcome, Boston Independent Film Festival! (Boston)

Now through May 2: Restaurant weeks in Beverly.

Now through May 5: For those who love jazz. (Boston)

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