Weekend Roundup

mfa-art-in-bloom.jpgHappy Friday everyone; I hope this week offered some normalcy and routine for you and your family. It's going to be a beautiful weekend and there's lots to do in and around the city -- here are 30 event picks, lovingly curated for your consideration. Also, yesterday I finally was able to spend some time at the Boston Marathon memorial at Copley. What a moving experience; so full of love and heartache. I encourage you to visit and pay your respects; there's so much good in our city.
1. Indiana Jones and the temple of science. (Acton)

2. Dear Edwina, by kids. (Arlington)

3. Art in bloom. (Boston)

4. Test your sense of smell. (Boston)

5. Schoolhouse Rock workshop. (Boston)

6. DIY performance play date. (Boston)

7. A cheerful earful. (Boston)

8. Super Elmo. (Boston)

9. Welcome, Boston Independent Film Festival! (Boston)

10. For those who love jazz. (Boston)

11. Story hour with Peter Pan. (Boston)

12. The town that fought hate. (Brookline)

13. Harvard University Arts First Festival. (Cambridge)

14. Boston College Arts Festival. (Chestnut Hill)

15. A baby animal petting zoo. (Concord)

16. A youth arts and crafts fair. (Duxbury)

17. Make your own strawberry orange jam. (East Sandwich)

18. West Medford open studios. (Medford)

19. A community arts festival. (Melrose)

20. Daffodils abound. (Nantucket)

21. Insect investigations. (New Bedford)

221. For those who love literature. (Newburyport)

23. Get cheeky for Jayden. (Newton)

24. A day of slow art. (Salem)

25. Superheroes weekend. (Sterling)

26. A sheepshearing festival. (Waltham)

27. Brandeis University Festival of the Creative Arts. (Waltham)

28. Aristocats. (West Newbury)

29. Horse and pony rides. (Weston)

30. Work for wildlife. (Multiple locations)

Image credit: Museum of Fine Arts

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