Some Happy Things

SPRINGtoandfrom_150.jpgI've been so grateful for some happy things that have been happening around the internet, many of which went live last week while my brain was largely unable to focus on anything other than our dear city and my little family. So I wanted to take a moment today to share these happy things. Oh, and also, two really awesome photos. Here's why I'm now the (unofficial) fan club presidents of the Boston Police and Chicago Tribune. These images made my eyes leak with gratitude.
1. I was honored to be invited by Meg Biram to curate a collection for the to & from magazine Mother's Day gift guide. I suggested the category For The Minimalist Mom and have purchased or covet every single thing on my list (you can find my picks on pages 46-47). It's such a beautifully assembled magazine replete with impeccable picks; I can't wait to pore over the issue further!

2. Asha and I are so honored that Alpha Mom chose Minimalist Parenting for its April Parenting Book Club. Hop over today (Tuesday, April 23) to join the discussion.

3. I was asked to share a truth, tip, and find for 3 Things for Mom. Check it.

4. I'm thrilled to announce that Pivot Boston 3.0 is coming! I'm so excited about this event, which will focus on developing your personal and professional style. Check out the details and get your ticket before we run out!

5. Meagan Francis is such a talented voice in the blogging community. Asha and I were thrilled to chat with her about Minimalist Parenting on The Kitchen Hour podcast.

6. The photos that accompany this interview with ONE bring me right back to Ethiopia.

7. I nearly passed out last month when I opened Natural Child World and saw the spread for Minimalist Parenting while standing in Barnes & Noble. It was so fun to do a follow up Q & A with the delightful Alyson Stamos.

I'm so grateful for the abundance. Have you read Minimalist Parenting yet? I hope you do and I hope you love it!