Weekend Roundup

swan-boats.gifHappy Friday everyone, I hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend; enjoy today's roundup of 22 events, lovingly curated for your consideration! Meanwhile, I wanted to share the final post in Asha and my series for The Huffington Post's Stress-Less Parenting Club. I would love to hear your thoughts about my post about why self-care is not selfish (and 5 ways to move beyond typical self-care roadblocks), and you can also engage in the companion workshop piece. Also check out our posts on thinking differently about time, school year activities, and kids' birthday parties.
1. Discover your inner explorer. (Acton)

2. A magic show. (Acton)

3. For figure skating fans. (Allston)

4. Head into the woods. (Arlington)

5. A conference for parents of children with autism. (Beverly)

6. Welcome, Boston International Children's Film Festival! (Boston)

7. Party with Peep. (Boston)

8. Street theatre + sidewalk sales. (Boston)

9. Pippi Longstocking. (Boston)

10. Story hour with Peter Pan. (Boston)

11. A historical hands on pottery activity. (Boston)

12. The swan boats are back! (Boston)

13. A spring concert. (Boston)

14. Aesop's Fables. (Brookline)

15. Rock out with Gustafer Yellowgold. (Brookline)

16. Welcome back, Cambridge Science Festival! (Cambridge)

17. Rock out with Fox and Branch. (Cambridge)

18. Make your own cranberry strawberry jam. (East Sandwich)

19. A nature art festival. (Lincoln)

20. The science and wonder of bubbles. (Marblehead)

21. A village full of activities. (Sturbridge)

22. Patriot's Day activities. (Multiple locations)

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